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Artists I first heard music from through Spotify's recommendations. Each selection is the first track I heard from them.

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Seriously have loved Spotify for this reason alone. I even feel more compelled to check music out because... why not?! I don't mean music I never would have known about (though that's amazing too), but just songs from artists I know exist but otherwise never had much interest in checking out before because of the hassle. But now, it's just one click and I get to hear the whole thing, decide if I like it or not, then either save it or forget it exists all together. It's so *wonderful*! I love the streaming age. But personally, I love Spotify because of how easy it is to discover new music through it and how great their suggestions algorithm is. It's not perfect, obviously, but I've yet to find one that's superior. A shout out to all the artists I've discovered through Spotify: * Billie Eilish * Glades * Rainsford * JHart * LANY * Lauren Aquilina * Loote * Maggie Rogers * Sigala * Bishop Briggs * Nina Nesbitt * Felix Cartal * Alex Newell * Joel Adams * Brandyn Burnette * AFTRHOURS * Phoebe Ryan * Dagny * Fais * Wrabel * Cisco Adler * [SEBELL] * Truitt * Broods * Niykee Heaton * MAX * Britt Nicole * Art House * The Shadowboxers * Lost Kings * Malia Civetz * Ikon * Liz Huett * Jessica Lowndes * Jocelyn Alice * Luna Aura * Calum Scott * One Bit * Morgan Saint * Max Frost * Bryce Vine * Alyson Stoner * Amy Shark * Shaylen * Avalon Young * NOTD * Phangs * Ruel * Pale Waves * Tim Halperin * Phantoms Edit: Since I've been asked, [here is a playlist]( with the first song I heard from each of these artists. And if you enjoyed that [here is also a playlist of my top 100 songs of the week](, soon to be updated every Friday instead of Sunday. (Yes, that was shameless self-promotion, lol.)

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