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Chiptunes - Press ▶️ to play Chiptunes, 8-bit music, Nintendo, Gameboy & video game music - Weekly new Chiptune tracks aofd3 May 10, 2022, 2:53 p.m. Virtual Mage, Disasterpeace, Bossfight, Dunderpatrullen, cTrix, meganeko, FantomenK, GameChops, Shirobon, Kubbi, zabutom, Rymdkraft, SEGA SOUND TEAM, Anamanaguchi, Covox, LukHash, 8 Bit Weapon, Xilent, Johan Agebjörn, … chiptune, speedrun, indie game soundtrack, bitpop, nintendocore, electro house, gaming edm, undertale, vgm remix, video game music, swedish synth, synthwave, complextro, future bass, japanese vgm, … 16788 Somewhat Popular 2010s Mixed Mood Varied Electronic Chiptunes {playlist} - Enter the world of bits and pixel. From Gameboy to Nintendo-esque vibes Music landlord44 864
Vaporwave aesthetic mix Ironic, aesthetic, nostalgic. A Vaporwave mix with electronic music by popular and underground Vaporwave artist. The best from songs and vaporwave albums. Your personal Vaporwave … aofd3 May 10, 2022, 2:47 p.m. luxury elite, Eyeliner, 18 Carat Affair, t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, Virtual Mage, Greeen Linez, CYBEREALITYライフ, Phil Gerus, Shima33, Infinity Frequencies, … vaporwave, hardvapour, future funk, mallsoft, chillsynth, chillwave, dreampunk, slushwave, indie dream pop, experimental pop, uk bass, electronica, intelligent dance music, synthwave, deconstructed club, outsider house, … 5977 Deep 2010s Mixed Mood Varied Electronic {playlist} One whole day of vaporwave, best played at abandoned malls Music travistheheadofitall 599
Blade Runner: A dystopian future Dark melodic, classic composition and futuristic synthesizers - Cyberpunk, Blade Runner and Shadowrun I Бегущий по лезвию aofd3 May 10, 2022, 2:39 p.m. Sinoia Caves, Vangelis, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, John Carpenter, Makeup And Vanity Set, Virtual Mage, Lorn, Disasterpeace, Wojciech Golczewski, Johnny Jewel, S U R … synthwave, soundtrack, cyberpunk, horror synth, electronica, dark clubbing, spacewave, intelligent dance music, microhouse, chillsynth, epicore, video game music, wonky, filter house, metropopolis, compositional ambient, hauntology, … 6665 Somewhat Popular 2010s Mixed Mood Quiet Electronic A playlist that transports you into a dystopian future like in Blade Runner or Shadowrun. Synths, retro sounds and cinematic 80s vibes RetroFuturism travistheheadofitall 462
Dr Disrespect - Retrowave / Synthwave DrDisrespect Retrowave Bangers from the Stream and Videos aofd3 May 10, 2022, 2:30 p.m. Mitch Murder, Virtual Mage, Wice, DrDisrespect, J+1, Tonebox, Power Glove, Neon Nox, Waveshaper, PYLOT, Dr DisRespect, Perturbator, Scandroid, Magic Sword, FM-84, Das Mörtal, Sung, Miami … synthwave, dark clubbing, darksynth, cyberpunk, chillsynth, spacewave, filter house, nightrun, popwave, nu disco, vaporwave, soundtrack, new french touch, electro house, electro, mallsoft, swedish synth, montreal … 68522 Somewhat Popular 2010s Mixed Mood Varied Electronic Awesome Dr. Disrespect Spotify Playlist with over 17k Followers (Synthwave / Retrowave / Outrun) DrDisrespectLive Dio345 343
Cyberpunk I Retro Future Cyberpunk / Synthwave / Retrowave / Hacker Music - A Playlist inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 and movies like Ghost in the Shell 攻殻機動隊 aofd3 May 10, 2022, 2:19 p.m. Virtual Mage, Power Glove, Makeup And Vanity Set, S U R V I V E, Code Elektro, Gesaffelstein, Daniel Deluxe, Protector 101, OGRE Sound, PYLOT, … synthwave, cyberpunk, dark clubbing, darksynth, spacewave, chillsynth, electro house, soundtrack, indietronica, video game music, filter house, electronica, mallsoft, compositional ambient, hardvapour, vaporwave, future rock, alternative … 14494 Somewhat Popular 2010s Mixed Mood Instrumental Electronic Ghost in the Shell Spotify Playlist (Cyberpunk, Synthwave, Future Funk) Cyberpunk landlord44 277
Cyberpunk 2077 aofd3 May 10, 2022, 2:18 p.m. Mitch Murder, Makeup And Vanity Set, Virtual Mage, Perturbator, Gesaffelstein, Dance With the Dead, Daniel Deluxe, Mega Drive, Refused, Processor, SAMURAI, Absolute Valentine, Blue Stahli, … synthwave, dark clubbing, cyberpunk, darksynth, chillsynth, nightrun, future rock, industrial metal, spacewave, filter house, mallsoft, hardcore punk, post-hardcore, swedish hardcore, swedish post-hardcore, umea hardcore, vegan … 858 Somewhat Popular 2010s Amped Varied Electronic Cyberpunk 2077 Spotify Playlist - Songs that would fit the game perfectly cyberpunkgame TheNewBladeZ 267
Vocal Synthwave / New Retro Pop Wave Retrowave with Vocals. Nostalgic vocal synth music meets modern production. Synthpop I Synthwave with vocals aofd3 May 10, 2022, 2:07 p.m. Ollie Wride, Jessie Frye, Dana Jean Phoenix, Parallels, The Weeknd, Droid Bishop, Primo, FM-84, Miranda Carey, Tima, Kellie Besch, Trevor Something, Moonraccoon, Arena, klei, NINA, … synthwave, popwave, nightrun, spacewave, chillsynth, electropop, cyberpunk, pop, indie poptimism, filter house, edm, pop dance, vapor soul, dance pop, denton tx indie, canadian electropop, canadian … 2878 Somewhat Popular 2010s Mixed Mood Varied Electronic I made this playlist where i add songs with vocals which could be straight out of the 80s outrun landlord44 230
Gaming Soundtracks Epic orchestral gaming soundtracks // Cover: Mass Effect aofd3 May 10, 2022, 2:05 p.m. Gareth Coker, Andrew Skeet, EA Games Soundtrack, Michael Salvatori, Martin O'Donnell, Play! Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Jeremy Soule, Lorne Balfe, Aeralie Brighton, Brian Tyler, Yoko … video game music, scorecore, soundtrack, orchestral soundtrack, japanese vgm, epicore, indie game soundtrack, japanese classical, nordic soundtrack, anime score, chiptune, british orchestra, orchestra, british soundtrack, … 1955 Somewhat Popular 2010s Mixed Mood Instrumental Electronic Probably the best in orchestral gaming music gaming TheNewBladeZ 222
End Credits An imaginary end credit sequence. Ambient / Synth / Piano aofd3 May 10, 2022, 1:56 p.m. Uppermost, M83, Jóhann Jóhannsson, John Carpenter, Above & Beyond, Eminence, Hammock, Magic Sword, Brian Eno, Blockhead, Tycho, Code Elektro, Jack Wall, Memia, Nigel Good, Sami … compositional ambient, soundtrack, electronica, complextro, electro house, edm, ninja, nu jazz, ambient, space ambient, gaming edm, synthwave, indietronica, downtempo, new french touch, scorecore, video game … 238 Somewhat Popular 2010s Mixed Mood Instrumental Electronic This playlist i made is filled with songs which gives you the feeling of watching a 1,5h long imaginary end credit sequence {playlist} Music landlord44 187
Vapor Wave - Unknown Pleasures Vaporwave / Simpsonwave / Chillwave Artists with low monthly listeners - Frequently new adds aofd3 May 10, 2022, 1:38 p.m. 豊平区民Toyohirakumin, a i r s p o r t s, 18 Carat Affair, Subaeris, Gloomcvlt, Kobayashi Yamato, Infinity Frequencies, Satin Sheets, Plagger, George Clanton, Family … vaporwave, hardvapour, future funk, mallsoft, dreampunk, chillwave, deconstructed club, experimental pop, outsider house, chillsynth, lo-fi beats, chillhop, alternative dance, alternative r&b, indie soul, indietronica, new … 1091 Deep 2010s Mixed Mood Varied Electronic Discover new Vaporwave - Artists with <5k monthly listeners Vaporwave Efence_music 162