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Submit a playlist for evaluation using the Spotify API and get matched to other playlists with similar artists, genres, and tracks.


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What's New

November 2023
- Create new custom playlists aggregated from tracks on similar suggested playlists
- Spotify login is required, the playlist will be added directly to your library
- Get a different set of tracks by running the sampler multiple times
- This tool is very new, expect refinements. Results will vary

October 2023
The playlost database has grown quite large as new sources of playlists are added. As a result, performance for the 'Discover Similar Playlists' feature has struggled especially when matching playlists by tracks. This should now be resolved however please allow for 1-2 minutes for playlists with a lot of tracks or a variety of subgenres.

v2 Update
I've further overhauled the 'Discover Similar Playlists' search which should now be much faster for most playlists and provide better realtime updates of how the search is progressing. If you're still getting issues please shoot me an email with the playlist id.

Reddit subreddit summaries have now been updated as of August 2023! Primary Changes:

New Playlists
- Final set of playlists submitted in comments (between October 2022 - May 2023) before Pushshift went down, RIP
- Playlists are no longer limited to a single entry in the subreddit that had the highest upvote score for a playlist
- Playlists from posts since the automatic import went live in April 2023
Methodology Changes
- For the top track list, increased the weight of a track being included on multiple playlists

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