Playlost is a web app for discovering new music through playlists. Playlists submitted to Playlost are analyzed with the Spotify API based on the playlists songs, artists and sub-genres. This information, as well as the audio features of each track, is used to create a summarized view of the playlist which maps this information into descriptive terminology such as main-genres, mood, style, popularity, and decade of release.

Each playlist analyzed by playlost is retained in a database and can be searched and used as a possible recommended playlist.

Reddit Playlists

The initial playlost database consists of playlists shared on Reddit that were acquired using Pushshift. Every playlist submitted to Reddit with an upvote score above 5 has been included in the playlost database with corresponding information from Reddit including the original post, subreddit, timestamp, submitter, and upvote score.


Please feel free to reach out just to say hi or share any bugs and feature requests Email or on Reddit. I plan to post future releases to the linked playlost subreddit. Additionally you can find me on Spotify where I'm always looking to exchange playlists and music.