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Submit a playlist for evaluation using the Spotify API and get matched to other playlists with similar artists, genres, and tracks.


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What's New

April 2024
Artist links on genre, subreddit and playlist summary pages will now link directly to top playlists for the artist. Previous database search by name was super slow.

Also I've refreshed subreddit summaries with some algorithm tweaks and added some backend stuff.

March 2024
Genre pages and playlists are now live on playlost. These are accessible through any playlist page, here's an example:

I'm excited to share this as I've already discovered a bunch of new music using some of my favorite playlists. This genre approach forms the foundation for a number of planned new features so stay tuned.

Additionally, I've done some other changes to the site primarily to make the playlist suggestions more relevant and correct some styling.

November 2023
- Create new custom playlists aggregated from tracks on similar suggested playlists
- Spotify login is required, the playlist will be added directly to your library
- Get a different set of tracks by running the sampler multiple times
- This tool is new, expect refinements. Results will vary

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