Analyze Playlists

Submit playlists for analysis by the Spotify API and inclusion in the playlost database.

Login With Spotify

Connect your Spotify account to see your public playlist library.

Note: refresh the page if you have successfully authenticated but your library is not showing.

Lookup Playlists by Spotify User

Get a user's publicly available playlists by inputting their ID or profile URL. These can be found on the Spotify profile page options menu.

Submit by Playlist ID

Submit playlists by Spotify playlist ID or playlist URL. Up to 50 playlists can be submitted at a time with a comma to separate (i.e. Playlist ID 1, Playlist ID 2).

Podcasts and local files are excluded from analysis. Any playlists containing only these will not work.

Note: submitting a large number of playlists will result in a long processing time.