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Given the album of a few listens and this, Ill give my overall review. The Ends - 7/10 - Song started off a little odd to me, but the middle and ending forsure made it worth it. Andre 3k killed it, but again the beginning kinda throws it off for me. Way Back - 5/10 - Not feeling this beat and travy's slow voice. Not a total let done but for sure won't make the cut on my spotify ["Thirsty Ass Trap Music" Playlist (shameless plug)]( Coordinate 8/10 - Nice little silver surfer intro with a nice Travy autotune/verse. Cannot go wrong. Not my favorite song, but for sure a good little tune Through the late night 9.5/10 - TRAVY ON THAT DAY N NITE HAD ME FEELING ALL SORTS OF WAYS. Great tune, maybe Im over obsessed with it? But so far the highlight of the album for me. Back the old Cudi feel, with La Flame. Cannot go WRONG! Beibs in the trap 6/10 - The name of this song hyped me up immensely. Kinda let down, but overall a decent tune. Not much else to say sdp interlude 7/10 - I felt like this song was super fillery? Like ahh fuck it lets put it in. But I still enjoyed the vibe it gave me. For sure a song Ill be using tonight to light it upppppp sweet sweet 8.5/10 - La Flame said that this was his favorite song, and I can see why. Such a good beat with flame getting ahold of that auto tune. outside 5/10 - 21 Savage went in on this, but wasn't to fond of how travis sounded on this. I hope he goes back and visits this song and messes around to level it better. Goosebumps 8/10 - This is something I was looking for throughout the album. He sounded fantastic in this. Perfect voice throughout this beat is good but was expecting a tad bit more from this First take 4/10 - A lot of people enjoy this song, but personally wasn't my cup of tea. I dunno I feel like Travis is trying to change the vibe up too much. PUTP 8/10 - The standard I felt that this album was heading to. Classic next to 3500. Jeffery and La Flame never disappoint! Lose 8/10 - The beat for this song just made me fell in love with it. Nice little orchestra in the background, La Flame with a slow verse plus auto tune hook. Can fuck with this for sure Guidance 7/10 - I had to listen to this song a few times before I was ready to fully accept it. The beat was weird af at first, but grew on me overall. La Flames second verse on this with the straight up just make this perfect. Beginning part though was kinda whack for me. Wonderful 7/10 - Id like to hear more from The Weeknd and Travis. I think they can really pull of something special. This was a nice test, but they can do more. OVERALL 7.5/10 - I guess continuing pushing back the release date, Mike Deano continuing to mix this, made me too hyped for this album. So my initial listen was like "this is it?" After a good listen through, this is a good album. I think Travis needs to go back to that dark attitude from Rodeo and DBR. But he is looking to become bigger and make this voice well known. This album is the step in the right direction and I think Astroworld will be his best work. See yall next year for Astroworld





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