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January 28, 2024

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The only playlist you'll ever need for frat party purposes.


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I personally prefer to use Windows Media Player to loop some random SoundCloud rapper I found yesterday, whose track I ripped off of some weird third party website I found in Google. Gotta get with the trends. On a serious note though, I simply use [my own Spotify playlist]( and set the crossfade to 9 seconds. Now before you call me out on being unprofessional for using Spotify, let me tell you this: no one gives a fuck about the mixing; they care about the music being played. For that reason, any record scratches, mixing noises, and whatever else lowkey DJs seem to always put on their mixes, are super extra and will actually generally contribute to killing the vibe rather than continuing it. This is because everyone is drunk and simply wants to dance/hook-up. Girls are mainly listening to the lyrics, while guys are mainly listening to the beats, so any extra sounds are simply interrupting that. Don't overthink it. Unless you are at a mixer with a very specific type of sorority that likes a specific type of music (I have DJed at such mixers before; the sorority in question loved rave-type electronic music, so I simply put on the 2F Big Bootie mixes per their requests and they loved it), just play the popular songs and crossfade em. You'll honestly be liked a lot better than those who overdo it with over-the-top mixing. Remember: 95% of your crowd is drunk and don't care for anything but the actual music (and maybe who they hook up with).





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