Summer: A Love Story

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Matthew Sobanko

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February 8, 2024

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December 28, 2015


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[SUMMER: A LOVE STORY]( [ALBUM COVER]( [(NO TEXT VERSION)]( The mixtape begins at the beginning of summer. You know, despite the sun, it will be the same. Tedium. This time, though, there's someone. Nothing's there yet, but you spend days, and soon nights together. Something's there now. For a while, you're happy. Days at the beach and nights at the club. I guess we're calling this love. Toes in the sand to feet on the pedal, you're there and she's there. There's conversations in the car, conversations you've never had. Things feel right for the first time in a long time. And then things don't feel right. Things happen, things are said. You go to the same club, the same beach, but things are different. You both sense it but you both lie about how you feel. You both try to hunt for that feeling but eventually, one night, you feel nothing. You return home. You either sleep too much or too little. You go for a walk and listen to the night and just wonder where it went wrong. You drive with nowhere in mind. Eventually, you apologize, but there's no one there to hear. You drive. You hit 80, 90, 100 mph, but you're not paying attention. Sorrow hits you like a wave and the water crashes on your cheeks. You throw on something fast. You try to release. You're not okay. You drive back to that beach and you sit and cry. Skip to August. You're at home. Next to you sits someone else. But she's sat there too. Things are finally slowly being okay. You wonder if she's okay too. Sometimes, you remember little things, things she used to do. You think about what lies ahead, just like you did with her. You stare at nowhere in particular, as everything just crashes over you again. You tell yourself you will be okay.





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