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D.Va Tips: Scroll down for general tips. Get out of sight before you pop ult with D.Va works wayyy better. If you use boost before you press Q to pop her ult you de-mech in a safer place and you can kind of aim it based on angle. Sometimes boost fly alittle bit to aim and Q to de-mech and if you press space as your popping out you'll fly higher up to maybe take some high ground to get some shots off before mech recall Use your defense matrix like all the time it'l save ur ass and teammates you can follow an ulting genji or riptire with her defense matrix to keep them safe APM ALL DAY action per minute D.Va's are always spazzing out between defense matrix and her cannons its just how it is. MY FAVORITE FLY INTO THE PHARAH AND BOOP WITH D.Va she'll fall to the ground disorientated. Same thing with Winston. No one thinks of this I remind people like every game. Also I love to boost into a group of enemies then fly up to high ground to pop shots, throws them off. Just make sure they don't have a Roadhog, don't do that with a Roadhog ever please you'll regret it so much, that goes for Mei too. Stay away from Roadhog, Mei, Zarya, and Symettra your defense matrix wont block their main attack except for RH his hook can still hook you but you can block his shots. Feel free to boost into any character except for Mei and Roadhog, if you're gonna do it have your escape route planned beforehand. HOLD DOWN RIGHT CLICK DEFENSE MATRIX WHEN BOOSTING WITH ENEMIES NEAR BY, but it runs out so if your safe turn off the matrix to recharge. General Tips: Use your melee when 1v1ing an enemy, dump a bunch of shots, punch em, more shots, punch, until ded or you retreat. it makes it more likely you'll win the fight Learn how to out dance your enemy, everyone is always hopping around in OW like a bunch of bunny rabbits and the elaborate bunny dance we do with each other for better positioning for the kill is a huge thing in this game. TAKE THE HIGH GROUND ALL THE TIME if there was 1 thing that I wish I knew before hand is how important controlling high ground is Dont be afraid to retreat if your team is down, so pay attention to the kill feed. So many times I'll be fighting and I wont even realize my whole team has been wiped. Regroup with your team before attempting the objective again if they have their 6 man on the objective, if half of their team is down and you have an advantage then by all means keep fighting and stall till your team comes back. Or take the motha fukin point BOIIIIIII Gotta have ballz of steel in this game. Those who dare, win amirite? Regrouping with your team does not mean lets all meet up at spawn, what you should be doing is getting close to the objective, figuring out what position your gonna take and stay in a safe position and STAY ALIVE till your team gets back. Sometimes you wanna poke and pop shots to keep pressure when waiting for your team to return but this is realllyyy risky as the enemy is liable to chase you down if they know your position to mess up your teams rhythm for the next push. Plus they'll know you're alone cause shhhhh, its quiet. Use your ears! This game has amazing sound design and you can hear exactly where everyone is at in the 3d space its sooo lit. ChokoBoi's Ultimate Guide Part 1: What are the different kinds of ults Team fight save ults: Lucio and Zenyatta Stun ults: Rein, Zarya, Mei High Damage Ults are: 76, Reaper, Tracer, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mcree, Pharah, Torb, D.Va, Orisa, Bastion and Roadhog. I'm not gonna go into them they basically do a lot of damage. You'll figure it out. Disruption Ults: Winston and Sombra. Winston's ult is a disruptive ult meant to throw the enemy all over the place for your team to pick them off. His punches do not do that much damage at all, don't expect to team wipe EVER with with just Winston your team will do that. His ult is also great for giving a payload some space to move to get those precious last inches. For the Sombra's ult disables all CC (I think?) and extra abilities including health regen and ultimate usage ability, which is essentially everything but their main weapon gets shut off for a small window to set up a wombo combo and the enemy team can block you in any way just shoot and attack you. Mercy can still heal, Ana too, but Zenyatta and Lucio cannot. "Everyone just died and were losing the point!" Ults: Mercy and Symettra. Mercy brings people back from the dead and Symettra places either a Teleporter to get her teammates back to the front quickly, or her Shield Generator to give a recharging amount of health to all her teammates in the facility. Single User Boost ult: Ana, she basically makes you fire faster, do higher damage, take less damage, and charges your ult faster. Planning Ult: Last but not least there is Widowmaker's ult which shows you exactly where every one of the enemy team members is across the entire map. I guess I would call this a Planning ult? Because your team can group to ambush them without their knowledge and WOMBRO COMBO ChokoBoi's Ultimate Guide Pt. 2: How Do I Use My Ults? AKA Team fighting (not trickle fighting) AKA How To Wombo Combo Edit: I'll preface this by saying this is more of a Team Fighting Guide, not a Stall, Choke, or Payload Route (enemy trickle is less than 6 man/flankers/etc) guide. I'm not gonna go into that, I mean look how long this thing is. Sometime with Stalls, Chokes, and Moving a Payload single use ults are used to get to the Payload (and along the route) and get to the Objective to initiate a Team Fight. Maybe I'll do one of those later but that's gonna be a lot of writing and I did enough for now. Understand the concept of Ult economy and what ults work well with each other and pick characters whose ults work well together. For example Rein, Mei, and Zarya's ult are basically the same thing, they stun the enemy for a period of time or in Zarya's ult bunches them all together but they can still shoot you/heal each other so don't ever use their ults at the same time lel. Another example would be Lucio and Zenyattas ult using those at the same time is kinda pointless but 1 right after the other in a dynamic team fight is a ok, that goes for the former ults as well. DONT OVERKILL, If you're in a team fight usually its safe to use 2 (a little more risky) or 3 ults at first. These are in order of use, if not coinciding it happens so fast usually there isn't a difference and it doesn't really matter soooo much buts its a good way to plan if you want to take it seriously. A good formula for 2 ults: a Stun Ult and a High Damage Ult A good formula for 3 ults: ONE Disruption Ult/Single User Boost Ult/Team Fight Save Ult, Stun Ult, High Damage Ult A good formula for 4 (why tho?): Single User Boost Ult, Disruption Ult, Stun Ult, High Damage Ult (If you don't have an Ana 2 HDU) Usually if your gonna add more Ults to your Team Fight they will usually be High damage Ults at first but eventually though if they're really long team fights it usually begins to get a bit hazy and things like Team Fight Save Ults and "Everyone died, bummer Ults." starts popping up mid battle and even after your team gets wiped with a well done Mercy/Sym ult. Some ults that works well together are: Ana and 76 (nanovisor, it has its own name because Ana was Meta for a period of time), Zarya and Tracer, well lets just say Rein, Mei, and Zarya's ult works with any High damage Ult Okay I'll make it simple: How you should use your ultimates (again, a good way to plan but feel free to be creative FOR REAL) Stun ults are followed by High damage Ults You use Team fight save ults to make sure your team survives the fight if the enemy is countering with a wombo combo as well or just to keep teammates in the fight. Sometimes to initiate. You use Disruption Ults when against a grouped up enemy team to clear space, confuse, throw them around, or disable their shields so like D.Va can pop ult or something like that. Its used to set up Stun Ults and High Damage Ults Single User Boost Ult, that's just Ana, its a situational Ult which can be used to boost a High Damage Ult inside or outside a Team Fight. It can also be used to save a teammate from dying to ensure they stay alive to keep your 6 stack together to not get a disadvantage it's a meme but using it on a healer should not always be viewed as something you just do by accident. I've saved games by boosting Mercy, Lucio, and Zen. Planning ult: just Widowmaker, you pretty much use this anytime you're about to make another push or the enemy is close to making their next push. Don't waste it right after you wipe the enemy team wait a couple second. "My team just got wiped and were losing the point!" Ults are you know, used to bring your teammates back to life and get them back on the point, thats it, you can look up a guide for how to use Mercy and Symmetra ults. But I'll tell ya, people will tell you to always wait till most of your team is dead to use her ult (WHICH YOU SHOULD) but in certain situations where your team is doing better than the enemy 1 man rezzes can save a game. This is especially true for maps that have long distances from spawn to point, if somebody dies and yells "I have ult! I have ult!" thats a good cue to 1 man ult especially if its a high damage ult that can wipe the enemy team. it can also lose you the game. I think thats it, jeez loise this thing is long. But this will get you started 4 SHURREE wew lad, hope someone actually reads this. FINAL EDIT: A bit of shameless self promotion My pump up/cool down spotify mix with a bit of weirdness thrown in (I'm a Schizo, not a perv) And my Twitch Channel WARNING: MILD EMBARRASSMENT AHEAD: Frankly, my shittiest games are on stream. There's some great ones on there as well tho soo see what NOT to do as much as see what TO DO?





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