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February 9, 2024

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||| The best of 1980-1989 ||| Curated 80s playlist broadcasting live from Hawkins, Indiana.


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March 11, 2019


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Ohhhh I love your insight on this!! I'm admittedly not very familiar with synth other than what I've heard from the show + what I remember from the 80s. But I see what you mean about the differences between early to late 80s. I'm curious now too! I didn't realize they borrowed OST songs from other soundtracks! That's incredible. I think I'm in the opposite boat as you though regarding the less historically accurate songs being included. I find it to be an interesting touch they add, as long as it serves it's purpose and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Moby's When It's Cold I'd Like To Die or Peter Gabriel's Heroes in particular stand out to me as a great use of "future" tracks they have used. I do agree with you on the UK bands being included when they were mostly unknown in the US at that time. I just like to pretend that Jonathan was just really really into new wave, before it was cool :-D Thank you for providing your thoughts on this! I can't wait to listen to your spotify playlist! I'll play it this afternoon while I'm getting my chores around the house done. If you're interested, I have a [playlist for the AV Club]( that I've been working on for the past year or so -- it's 30 hours of mostly 80s bops and nothing too specific like you have picked out though. Thanks again for sharing :)





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