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a lot of rap tracks // who is following me... // ... #SpaceGhostPussy #ZDAY #Unmask RIP X!!!


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[HOL ON WAIT A MINUTE, Y'ALL THOUGHT I WAS FINISHED]( EDIT: aight fine let me weave you a story of my day Wake up, 7:30 AM. Meek Mill, Outro alarm clock. Still consistent from around mid-January till now. Not even one percent tired of it. The song saved me from necking myself at my lowest point in life. I take like ten minutes to queue up like ten tracks that I remember I liked and take a shower Let Spotify run while I do my morning routine Let Spotify run while I wait for the bus with earbuds in Let Spotify run in class, but mute almost everything until I can barely hear the bass. I literally have a playlist just for this Load up my specifically designed gym playlist that is scientifically proven to give you +10 STR while doing reps, it's like 40% Meek 50% Denzel 10% Og Maco and go /fit/ @ gym Get home, plug in my background music playlist while I study or ghostwrite essays for rich college students If I'm out with friends 50% of the time we just chill around at someone's house doing jackshit so I play music on speaker If I get to a party I immediately strong-arm my way to the AUX and usually end up music mixing for the entire time Write/edit more papers for more students, maybe actually do my own homework at the twilight zone of 10 pm - 2 am Sleep at 3-5am because 2 - 4 hours is definitely a good amount of sleep that will lead to a long lifespan, woohoo (Pre-Fame) Playboi Carti, J. Dilla, or Anamanaguchi sings me to sleep and I start over until I die of an unhealthy sleep schedule/caffeine overdose or I commit suicide because life sucks EDIT2: **Spotify Playlists, If You Want To Explore Some More Music:** [Revenge Is In The Creators Hands:]( "literally every rap track that I have listened to that I did not hate" [Upper Echelon:]( "good rap tracks that I like" [Mind Palace:]( "cloud rap, abstract rap, melodic trap rap, blueface for sending your subconscious into a swirl" [Dreamchasers:]( "strength potion. gym workout!" [Heritage Collection:]( "my personal 10/10 tracks" [my]( [rateyourmusic](





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